An Affiliate Welcome: First Steps to Get Started


Welcome to TeePublic! 

We’re going to kick things off by setting up your storefront. Your affiliate experience at TeePublic begins here! This is where your fans and community will come to find your merch.

First, let’s customize your storefront by uploading a banner and profile avatar. Click into your storefront and hover over them to edit. We encourage using the same or similar images to your social media pages. 

You can also choose to hide the store name, location, and avatar in the “Edit Storefront” section of your “Account Settings.” If you have a banner image that includes all the info you want to share (like social handles, your handle, etc.), we recommend doing this!

Now that this is done, let’s set up your account so you can get paid! Head into the back end of your account and click “My Sales” on the left.  While still in the “My Accounts” section, scroll down to “Payments” and enter in your PayPal or Payoneer email.

NOTE: You’ll receive your earnings via PayPal or Payoneer on the 15th of every month for the previous month's sales. TeePublic is located in Eastern Standard Time and payments are made through the 16th. For more information, see our payment blog post!

If you’re rearing to do more, you can find more on how to add designs and share to your store and tips for promoting