Affiliate Tips: Subtle Ways to Promote Your Merch


Some of the best merch promotions are the ones that no one anticipates. You know that we’re always about coming up with cool ways and reasons for you to promote your store but sometimes less is more when it comes to talking about merch.  What are some ways to do that?

For our social influencers: 

Sometimes merch can come up at random times! Maybe you’re wearing a shirt that is just a bit off-color for where you are (just like our friend Meakoopa). Maybe you’re wearing a shirt that’s perfect for the occasion. Maybe you and all your friends put on matching TeePublic tops and snapped a pic. These are all great chances to talk about your merch store and the products in it naturally. Your fans like what you like and if that happens to be your own merch then that’s even better! Dropping a link to the products in a tweet or post as part of the conversation is super easy and comes across far less sales-y than sharing about a sale promotion. Wearing or using merch in selfies is another good way to do this, too!

For our webcomics:

This is actually one of our favorite types of promotions: When merch designs are included directly in a comic. It’s a nice and subtle way to get your designs in front of your fans. It works better than a post dedicated to merch because your audience is already on the lookout for your comics. Plus, by tacking the link on in the end notes, or in a follow up tweet, your store link feels a lot less like a promotion and a lot more natural.

For our bloggers: 

Have you ever just sat down with a glass of wine, an open word document, and a want to shop and write the night away? Our friend at Stars Hollow has! And the blog post she made because of it was amazing. These are moments our team can’t (and wouldn’t) even pretend to come up with on our. And even if we recommended it, planning something like this is nearly impossible. What we’re saying here isn’t exactly to copy, but if you’re having some fun yourself with your TeePublic store  maybe it’s worth giving that a shout out on your blog or socials. 

For our YouTubers and Twitch streamers:

Wearing or using your merch while on camera is the easiest and best way to casually show off your products. In many cases, your fans will ask you where you have your merch so you won’t have to worry about talking about your link straight away.

The biggest takeaway here is to do what feels natural to you. We don’t expect you to be thinking about merch every second, but when inspiration strikes maybe it can be a moment for your fans too!